The school’s  Library is the axis of an institute. The school’s library is open to all bonafide students of the school. All classes are provided with at least one library period a week. 


. Size of the Library and reading room in sq. feet 1060
ii. No. of Periodicals 9
iii. No. of Dailies 5
iv. No. of Reference Books Class-Wise 7473
v. No. of Magazine 3
vi. Others 5



No course of studies or activities can be completed without some exposure to the big and wonderful world. Keeping this in mind, educational tours are arranged for all the classes. Students are taken to places of historical, educational and cultural interests. Short and long distance tours are planned for them in the course of the year.


All school books and articles of stationery can be purchased from the school book shop which remains open on all working days. For the purpose of uniformity, students are required to buy exercise books/registers/practical notebook of the standard design bearing the name of the school from the school book shop only.


The school M.I. Room is looked after by a qualified nurse. First Aid is provided in case of an emergency.


In order to explore and nurture each student’s talent  and to expose the students to stage activities,they are placed in four different houses namely Galaxy House, Trinity House, Swastik House and Zodiac House. These houses are identified by sky blue, orange/saffron, red and yellow colours respectively. Each house is headed by a house captain and vice house captain. A house mistress assisted by other teachers’, acts as House Warden. Points are awarded to the students throughout the year as per their attributes for extracurricular activities, games, and sports. At the end of the year, especially, on Annual Day Function, the house getting the maximum points will be awarded ‘The Cock House Trophy’.


Keeping in glance the optimism for encouraging the pupils with a sense of fair competition for notching exceptional positions in academics and co-curricular activities,the following Prizes/Trophies are awarded:-

  1. Principal’s award for the best all rounder.
  2. Merit award for the topper in academic in each class on the basis of school/board exams.
  3. Momentos & certificates to students who finally qualify for NSTSE/UTTSE, Olympiad, Unified Councils. Talent Search Exams.,etc.
  4. The Outstanding children are bestowed with ‘The Best Girl’ and ‘The Best Boy’ awards as per each section for showcasing their distinguished learning abilities in academics and extracurricular domains.